Author: Global Chaos

Established in 1998. Global Chaos specializes in alternative lifestyle products. We are committed to healthy, organic solutions to help people manage their health issues. We offer a full spectrum of hemp products and alternative pain management solutions. Global Chaos is customer oriented. We pride ourselves in knowing our patrons on an individual basis. We have customers over two generations. We also specialize in body detoxifying products with over 50 years of combined experience.

Kratom, the name of the tree from the coffee family, is used as a recreational drug and medicine. The leaves of this tree can be chewed or drank as a tea for uplifting the mood and also to enhance physical endurance. The dried leaves can also be smoked as tobacco and are also sold as a supplement. When the same substance is used as a medicine, it is used for cough, anxiety, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, etc. When you visit any health food store you can find leaves, powder, and capsules made of Kratom in Houston as well. Asia…

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